my testimony … thus far

On Sunday, February 14, 2021, I was baptized at Kensington Church in Traverse City, Michigan. That morning, I shared the following words – my testimony – with my family, friends and members of the church.

I grew up going to First Presbyterian Church of Northville with my family. I was baptized as a baby and confirmed as a freshman in high school. In high school, I joined youth and adults from my church on two mission trips to Mexico. Those were transformative experiences for me, and looking back, I can see how they played a role in shaping who I am today and planted a seed for the life I’m living now.

Growing up, church was always something I did with my family. My faith and relationship with God didn’t come to feel like my own until I was 23 years old and living and working in Berkeley, California.


traveling and getting lost in my own backyard: California coast day trip

“The beauty of travel is allowing things to happen.” — Alex Ayling, vagabrothers

On a Monday in February, I took the day off work and ventured north with one of my good friends — and former Bay Area housemates — Nicole. We’d planned to spend the day together and coordinated our schedules to make it happen, but other than that, we hit the road with zero plans, open minds and a hodgepodge of books, journals, cameras, blankets, sunscreen and snacks — everything one needs for a solid road trip.