More Writing

Soccer Without Borders
Soccer Without Borders: a Global Family Full of the Deepest Love (January 2017)

Live The Adventure
7 tips for solo travel in Europe (September 2016)

Traverse Magazine
Connecting the stars (June 2016)

No limits (February 18, 2011)
Big Red wins national title, ends rival’s historic 31-year streak (March 28, 2011) – “One Shining Moment” video
‘The Diplomacy of a Good Sport’ (April 22, 2011)
Michael Scott takes a bow (April 28, 2011)
The Royal Wedding and … Denison? (April 29, 2011)
The soul of Newark (August 10, 2011)
Dance lessons (November 16, 2011)
Start something that matters (February 15, 2012)
All in the family (June 26, 2012)
Every second counts (February 28, 2013)
If these walls could talk (August 1, 2013)
Playing around: shoes, soccer, and the power of “Buy One, Give One” (January 15, 2014)

Denison Magazine
Gone Swimmin’ (Fall 2010)
March Madness (Spring 2011)
It Began with the Mystic Six (Spring 2011)
Makin’ Hoop History (Spring 2011)
A Horse With Three Lives (Winter 2012)
Full Circle (Winter 2012)
The Difference a Year Makes (Spring 2012)
The Birthday Swim (Fall 2012)

Bucknell Magazine
When the news bug bites (Winter 2015)

The Newark Advocate
Newark grapples with abandoned houses, businesses and their effect on city’s image (July 10, 2011)
Prominent community members discuss where Newark stands, where it is headed in the future (July 31, 2011)

The Detroit Free Press
U.S.-Canada bridge opens (November 11, 2007)
Comair crash in 1997 claims 26 lives (January 6, 2008)
Hudson’s closes drooping giant, marking end of an era downtown (January 13, 2008)

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