About Me

Passionate and creative. Committed to people, education, and healthy living.

People. I firmly believe everyone has a unique and interesting story to share. We can all learn from one another. Our stories allow us to understand and celebrate one another. As a writer and storyteller, I enjoy listening to people’s stories and then relaying those stories to others, using the best words and visuals in the best order. Human interest pieces are my favorite to read, watch, write, and share.

Education. My time as the Volunteer and Outreach Intern at 826michigan opened my eyes to the needs of local students and also showed me how those needs can be met.

In 2011, as the Marketing Communication Intern at Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, I designed, promoted, and implemented the organization’s Operation Backpack campaign to collect backpacks and school supplies for 1,500 local children in need.

In my personal life, I am fond of supporting organizations that further education for students both in the United States and around the world.

Healthy living. 18 years of competitive swimming taught me the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and also to be conscious of how I treat my body. Even more, swimming instilled healthy qualities in me by teaching me the value of perseverance, passion, friendship, respect, sportsmanship, teamwork, and goal setting. Without my experiences in the pool, I would not be the woman I am today.

Through my 2012 internship with Purple Orange in Wyoming and my work at Edward’s Cafe and Caterer and Stormcloud Brewing Company in Michigan, I am now a smarter consumer. I better understand quality food and how to read and decipher food labels and ingredient lists.

I am an all-around travel, adventure, and sport and play enthusiast.

More about who I am. In May 2012, I graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and English Creative Writing. Outside of classes, I swam competitively for the Big Red, interned at and wrote for Denison Magazine and TheDEN, founded and led the Denison TOMS Campus Club, and volunteered at a local humane society.

I crave adventure, revel in art, and cherish good storytelling.

I am a content marketer who enjoys working both individually and collaboratively. I plan, edit, and produce content while also assisting with special projects and events. I love to tell stories and seek projects that allow me to bridge connections between people as I have found myself happiest working with and for others, knowing that what I do positively impacts those around me. I always want to work for an organization that has a vision and mission that are close to my heart.

Currently, my interests have collided in the best way. I am the Marketing Associate at One World Play Project. I explore, shape, and direct storytelling opportunities; oversee our Campaigns Program, working with more than 140 passionate, creative campaigners; and manage video production and design agencies and consultants.

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